Tri Lakes

The Tri-Lakes Chapter covers a large geographical area and contributes volunteer hours for several different public land area trails and trail heads. Tri-Lakes contribution for these areas is to work toward keeping the trails clear of weather-related debris (storm damage) and clip back foliage from normal seasonal growth. There is always the need to pick up and dispose of human related trash that litters the trails.
Tri-Lakes Chapter works closely with the area land manager to meet trail and trail head needs. Multiple mounting blocks have been constructed and set at trail heads. The chapter is involved and participates in the state events as well.

 Tri-Lakes Chapter’s local trails are as follows:

  • Lead Mine Conservation Area (MDC)
  • Bolivar Landing – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Pomme de Terre Lake)
  • Hulston Mill – U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (Stockton Lake)
  • Compton Hollow Conservation Area (MDC)
  • Pleasant Hope Conservation Area (MDC)
  • Busiek State Forest – (MDC)
  • Berry Bend – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

While the chapter sets a schedule at the beginning of each year, much of the work is done on an impromptu basis.  When storm damage is known, members are contacted and a workday is called. 

The chapter has few formal meetings but uses email and social media (Face Book) for much of its communication method.  For the most up-to-date information be sure to keep watch on the Tri-Lakes Chapter Face Book page.

Our Fun Ride/Work Days for this year

Click on an event for more information. Clicking on “map” in the event  will take you to a Google Map.

If there are no events showing it is because the chapter doesn’t have any in the current date range. Click on “Look for More” and then you can scroll through the entire year. You can also click on the Month tab and step through the months.

Note: A lot of addresses are Latitude-Longitude coordinates, as they have no street address. This eliminates confusion as to where the event is located.

Your Chapter Leaders

Co-Trail Boss:    Leroy Raymond    417-777-1405

Co-Trail Boss:    Larry Dishman  417-450-5544

Secretary:  Vicki Clark  619-971-4432

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