Trail Location Tools

Are you trying to find a trail head, horse camp or arena? Below you will find links that will make finding these a snap.
NOTE: Google will find you a route, but due to the remote locations of some of these areas, the route may not be the best, or even passable with a big rig. Always check with someone about the route before finding yourself somewhere you don’t want to be. For example going to Caney Mountain Horse Camp in Arkansas from Big Flat is not possible with a horse trailer, and the Black Hills of SD have narrow tunnels through rock that are too small for a big trailer.

The map on this link shows most of the trails in Missouri, Arkansas and a few in other states. In order to not have markers stacked on each other, it uses clustering. The blue dots show how many markers are in that location. Clicking on one will zoom the map to those locations. You can also zoom in to reveal individual markers. Clicking on a marker will bring up information on that location, and a link to a Google map where you can get driving directions.

This link allows you to search for a trail, horse camp or arena. When you start typing into the search box, the program starts displaying matches. The program searches on location name (First and Last) and city. Clicking on the Map button displays the location on a Google map where you can get driving directions. If we have website information, there will be a Web button that takes you to their website or FB page.

Missouri Wilderness Trail Maps

The US Foret Service has compiled Avenza trail maps for the wilderness areas and are available for free on the Avenza site. These maps are geocoded pdf maps that work with the Avenza app. Avenza is a free app for both Android and iPhone. Once you have Avenza installed, you can click on one of the links below to install the map. When you arrive at one of the wilderness areas, turn on your phone’s GPS location, open Avenza and it will show you exactly on the map where you are as you travel. You do NOT need cell coverage for this to work, and as long as your battery lasts, you won’t get lost 🙂

Alternatively, you can download a printable PDF with links and QR codes for installation later. Get the links here.

Bell Mountain Wilderness

Devils Backbone Wilderness.

Hercules- Glades Wilderness.

Irish Wilderness.

Paddy Creek Wilderness.

Piney Creek Wilderness.

Rockpile Mountain Wilderness.