Cuivre River

Our Chapter maintains trails in and around Cuivre River State Park.

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On March 10, 2018 Cuivre River Trail Riders joined GORC (Gateway Off Road Cyclists) and St. Charles County Parks for a trail maintenance work day at Indian Camp Creek Park in Wentzville, MO.  One crew cleared leaf debris and dirt that had built up on the downhill side of the track, and moved a pile of rip rap rock around an armored crossing to facilitate the flow of water during rains.  Another crew walked in to another section of trail to reroute a section that had become deeply rutted.  After several hours, we were served a delicious lunch by the Parks, topped off by chocolate cake!

The Gang
Choose Your Weapon
Installing Rip-Rap

Work completed

Your Chapter Leaders

Trail Boss: Martha Yates

Assistant Trail Boss & Treasurer:   Rita Rataj

Secretary:   Martha Yates

Contact:  636-828-5694