2022 BCHMO Annual Membership Meeting

DATE: Saturday November 5, 2022 at 8 a.m.
Camping available from noon on Wednesday, November 2 through Sunday November 6, 2022
LOCATION: North Fork River Ranch, West Plains, Missouri. The Ranch is closed to the general public, so this is one of the few opportunities you will have to ride there.
RESERVATIONS: to make your reservation, you must email Kathy Jeager, BCHMO Secretary at zanes@fidnet.com
In the email subject line, include your name and “NFFR”. Provide two choices for RV site and stall. Payment is required at check-in when you arrive at North Fork River Ranch. Payment by check ONLY. Make check payable to BCHMO.
Primitive Camping – $25 night.
RV Camp Sites -$35 water/electric.
Bunk House Rooms- $35 for small, $45 for medium, $55 for large. See below for pictures.
Cabins -$75 night for the first 2 people, and $10/adult (over age 12) beyond the first two people.
Linens are provided, bring your own towels.
Stalls – 7 stall barns with 171 stalls, approximately 10 x 12 ft in size, that are available near your RV site for $7 a night.
Showers and Restrooms: There are shower facilities in each of the women’s and men’s restrooms that are off to the right of the main office door. There are also restrooms available next to the bunkhouses in the upper level of the lodge and in the lower level of the lodge. There are also showers and restrooms in Barn E next to the stalls.

  1. Payment for camp site, cabin, bunkhouse, and stalls, is due upon arrival. Make check payable to BCHMO.
  2. The General Store will be closed. There will be some ice available. Bring your own stall bedding.
  3. The Saturday night banquet meal is paid by BCHMO for all current members attending.
  4. Other meals are on your own, no meal service available.
  5. Early arrivals allowed after 12 noon Wednesday, November 2, 2022, for those wanting to enjoy a few days of riding this beautiful ranch.
  6. Annual Meeting Registration: Saturday 7:00 am–8:00 am. ALL MEMBERS must sign in at registration. Annual meeting begins 8am.
  7. Each chapter should bring a poster board highlighting their 2022 activities, achievements, etc. Poster Boards will be voted on for creativity and the chapter receiving most votes for their poster board will be recognized.
    AUCTION ITEMS: Live and Silent Auctions Saturday. Please bring quality items for the auctions, which is a source of BCHMO funds, so that we can “Keep Trails Open for All”.
    This is a great opportunity to “re-gift” that one item you know you will never use but could be a treasure to someone else. Clean up that tack you don’t use anymore. It may be useful to a fellow rider. Many of you are talented crafters…..please consider donating one or more or your handmade items……quilts, crochet, pottery, welded items, art work, jewelry….all these make wonderful auction items. Have any unused, non-expired, gift cards sitting around…..we can use them for the auction. Check with your local feed store to see if they will donate some “horsey” items and make a fun gift basket. If you are one of our Associate Members please consider a gift certificate or item from your business. Great way to highlight what you have to offer and potentially increase your client base! These are just a small sampling of ideas. Feel free to be creative with your ideas and items.
    Members of BCHMO are awesome team players, so let’s all come together to make this year’s auction the best ever. Information or questions regarding auction items should be sent to Jane Doskal roxiesrider@gmail.com.
    For all other questions contact Tim Anderson, President BCHMO. timanderson1962@gmail.com

Meeting Timeline


Meeting Information

I (Tim Anderson) have heard from many BCHMO members a desire for a faster, shorter annual meeting
so that folks can go riding. Based on this desire, for the first time this year we are going to use a “consent agenda” for routine items.
Q: What is a “Consent Agenda” and how will it make our meetings go faster?
At every formal meeting, at least a few items come to the agenda that do not need any discussion or
debate either because they are routine procedures or are already unanimous consent. A consent agenda
(Roberts Rules of Order calls it a consent calendar) allows the voting members to approve all these items
together without discussion or individual motions. Depending upon the organization, this can free up
anywhere from a few minutes to an hour for more substantial discussion.
Q. What belongs on the consent agenda?
Typical consent agenda items are routine, procedural decisions, and decisions that are likely to be
noncontroversial. Examples include:
• Approval of the minutes;
• Final approval of proposals or reports that the meeting has been dealing with for some time and
all members are familiar with the implications;
• Routine matters such as appointments to committees;
• Staff appointments requiring board confirmation;
• Reports provided for information only;
• Correspondence requiring no action.
How are items on a consent agenda handled?
A consent agenda can only work if the reports and other matters for the meeting agenda are known in
advance and distributed with agenda package in sufficient time to be read by all members prior to the
meeting. A typical procedure is as follows:

  1. When preparing the meeting agenda, the president or chairperson determines whether an item belongs on the consent agenda.
  2. The president prepares a numbered list of the consent items as part of, or as an attachment to the meeting agenda.
  3. The list and supporting documents are included in the board’s agenda package in sufficient time to be read by all members prior to the meeting.
  4. At the beginning of the meeting, the chair asks members what items they wish to be removed from the consent agenda and discussed individually.
  5. If any member requests that an item be removed from the consent agenda, it must be removed.
    Members may request that an item be removed for any reason. They may wish, for example, to discuss the item, to query the item, or to register a vote against the item.
  6. Once it has been removed, the chair can decide whether to take up the matter immediately or place it on the agenda for future meeting.
  7. When there are no more items to be removed, the chair or secretary reads out the numbers of the remaining consent items. Then the chair states: “If there is no objection, these items will be adopted.” After pausing for any objections, the chair states “As there are no objections, these items are adopted.” It is not necessary to ask for a show of hands.
  8. When preparing the minutes, the Secretary includes the full text of the resolutions, reports or
    recommendations that were adopted as part of the consent agenda


2022 BCHMO Consent Agenda
(Committee, Officer, and Board reports with no vote required will be presented as consent and
distributed to members 10 days prior to the meeting)

  1. Call to order (1 minute)
  2. Introductions (10 minutes)
  3. Chapter report outs. (110 minutes) Ahead of the 50th anniversary of BCHA, each
    chapter will give a templated report out. (Informational)
  4. Approval of 2021 Minutes (10 minutes) (For vote)
  5. Strategic plan (40 minutes) Discussion and briefing (informational).
  6. Election of Officers & Board (45 minutes) Nominations and vote on board and officers
    as per bylaws (For vote)
  7. TMI discussion (15 minutes) (informational)
  8. Treasurer report (30 minutes) (discussion and vote to approve)
  9. Consent Agenda (For vote)
  10. OLD BUSINESS: (none at this time)
  11. NEW BUSINESS (none at this time)
  12. INFORMATION: Brief review 2023 Calendar of Event Dates will be coming out in the
    Newsletter. Next BCHMO board meeting will be on January __ 10 a.m. at–
    membership is welcome to attend (buy your own meal)
    June 3, 2023, National Trails Day® – First Saturday in June
    September 30, 2023 National Public Lands Day 2023

Check back here for items to be on the “consent” agenda as the meeting gets closer.

Consent agenda items;

  1. Committee Reports;
    Service (VHR)
    Public Lands
  2. Officer Reports
  3. Board of Directors Report.

Membership Meeting Minutes;

Minutes of the 2021 membership meeting

Chapter Reports


Cuivre River


Mountain Riders


Ridge Runner

River Springs

South Central

South Central 2

Tornado Ridge