Tri-Lakes Spring 2021

During the spring of 2021 in spite of uncooperative weather several projects have been either completed or near completion.  Bolivar Landing has been the focus of improvements.  A kiosk has been built and installed at the Bolivar Landing trail head that displays a new trail system map. Trail ethics and Leave No Trace Principles are included in the display area.  A hitching rail and mounting block was built and installed at the trail head.  An old unsuitable (due to constant flooding issues) trail rest stop has been moved to a new location.  The new trail rest/lunch stop has picnic tables and soon to be installed hitching rails for rider convenience and to discourage riders to tie their horses to trees – a sure thing for killing trees and resource damage.

Lead Mine Conservation Area will soon have an updated map system displayed in the kiosk built by Tri-Lakes Chapter. The new map will contain the ability for riders to download the trail system into their smart phones. Mounting blocks have been placed in the equestrian campground along with hitching rails at the pit toilet area.  The Lead Mine equestrian campground gets regular attention as does the trail system.