Trail’s End

The Trail’s End Back Country Horsemen chapter was started because members in the local community saw a need to assist the Missouri’s Equestrian Trails in order to insure that public lands remain open for equestrian use.  This commitment consists of yearly dues and volunteerism for work days. The hours worked are used to reflect the dedication our Equestrian family has to the Federal and State legislators to keep the funding coming.  We cannot do this alone.  If you were a prior member and still interested, please remember to pay your dues. Either send it in directly, or bring to the next meeting. If you attended a meeting and would like to be part of this group, please complete application and bring it to the next meeting.

Our Fun Ride/Work Days for this year

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More long range:

  • We will hopefully have  another workday at Big Buffalo Creek in April on a weekend.  We tentatively scheduled it for the 13th, but many of our members realized they had scheduling conflicts.  We will also schedule workdays for the fall.  We are planning to make this a recruitment workday (we will provide food, etc.….details are still in the works).
  • In the Fall we will be doing the Horsing Around Event at Whiteman AFB.  We look forward to coordinating this again and working with Whiteman and the USO.  They have the Air Show in June this year, so they asked if they can move our Horsing Around event to the Fall.  If you haven’t had the chance to go to the Air Show, it is awesome!  It is open to the public.
  • We will also be planning a fun day that will incorporate trail clean up. No Trace Left Behind training (we will try to get one of the BCHMO trainers to join us) and horse rides and activities.  We will be promoting this as a family event to tie in with enjoying the outdoors and taking care of the environment.    This we hope will be a collaborative effort with the Community College, State Fair Foundation, Department of Conservation and Department of Natural Resources.  It is our hope that the two departments we work with will incorporate educational pieces.  We have confirmation from DOC, but not DNR yet.  We hope to use part of the Katy Trail for trail clean up from the trailhead to Clover Dell Lake where kids can clean the trail and once they get to the lake the fun day starts with fishing, horse activities, etc.  This of course is our thought, but we need to get by in from the City, DNR, etc.

Here are a few pictures of the work getting done on the newly acquired MDC property at Big Buffalo Creek on March 18th.

Your Chapter Leaders

Leader: Staci Harrison    573-434-6925

Secretary: Angie Gentry 660-287-0118