Trail Skills College

Here is a great opportunity. If you have ever thought you would like to learn more and be able to utilize the practices you learn on the trails and trail heads you maintain, this is the perfect opportunity.  BCHMO members will be able to attain more knowledge on anything trail related, including pack stock, ATV, Crosscut and Chainsaw Certification, and First Aid.
Brushy Creek Lodge and Resort has offered reduced rates on camping/lodging, so please contact them at their Office: 573-269-4600 to make reservations.  Please contact Becki Krueger at 660-34-7880 or if you have any questions, or would like to sign up for the classes. 
We need to know the class(es) you would like to attend, your name and contact information, please. There is a limited number of slots for BCHMO members, and the Deadline to sign up is July 31st, 2021, so don’t wait too long! Again, contact Becki Krueger at 660-341-7880 or send an email to:

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Ozark Trail Skills College Course Descriptions
September 17-19, 2021
Brushy Creek Lodge and Resort

1A/1B: CPR/First Aid: This course is required for all US Forest Service qualified sawyers. Join
Perry Whitaker from Alpine Shop who is a certified instructor on Friday before the
Saturday/Sunday initial chainsaw certification course.
2A/4E: Trail Planning, Design and Layout: Good trails require thoughtful and intentional design.
Jon Breithaupt from the Mark Twain National Forest will share best practices for planning and
designing trails and will provide insight into the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and
how it applied to approving new trails and certain trail maintenance work.
3A: Trail Tread Maintenance: There is more to maintaining trail networks than logging out
down trees and brushing out trail corridors. JR Rhodes from the Mark Twain National Forest will
lead this course on how to maintain trail tread to minimize water damage and maximize long
term sustainability.
4A/6A: Trail Crew Leadership: Ozark Trail Association President Kathie Brennan has been a
practitioner in the field of trail crew leadership for many years. Course participants will gain an
understanding of the responsibilities and traits necessary to lead a crew in the field successfully.
2B/5C: US Forest Service Initial Chainsaw Certification: Experienced chainsaw operation
instructor Joe Glenn will lead this two-day, 16-hour course which will allow those who
successfully complete it to buck down trees on trails on US Forest Service lands using a
chainsaw. CPR/First Aid certification is required to participate in this course.
2C: Introduction to Trail Maintenance: Join Ozark Trail Association’s Trail Construction and
Maintenance Committee Chair Terry Hawn for the best practices on logging out down trees,
brushing back vegetation, installing signs and trail blazes and more. This course is for beginner
level trail stewards.
3C/5A: Working with Packstock: For centuries, horses and mules have been used to accomplish
work deep in the backcountry. Backcountry Horsemen of Missouri’s Jonathan Stewart will lead
this course on how to work with packstock and work alongside them to get more work done on
the ground. This course will be beneficial for all user groups.
4C/2E: US Forest Service Crosscut Saw Training: In accordance with the Wilderness Act of 1964,
no mechanized or motorized machinery is allowed in federal wilderness areas. To accomplish
trail maintenance in areas such as Missouri’s Irish, Bell Mountain and Piney Creek Wildernesses,
crosscut saws are used to log out down trees to keep trails passable. Join JR Rhodes from the
Mark Twain National Forest to learn how to operate these saws proficiently as a volunteer
alongside a qualified crosscut B sawyer.
2D: Trail Construction: Learn techniques to construct new trails using hand tools alongside the
Mark Twain National Forest’s Jon Breithaupt. Best practices, tools, safety and efficiency
strategies will provide even the experienced trail builder with new skills.
3D: Intermediate Trail Maintenance: Have you been maintaining trails for a while at the entry
level and are looking to grow your skill set? Ozark Trail Association’s Trail Construction and
Maintenance Committee Chair Terry Hawn will help you take your trail maintenance skillset to
the next level in this course.
4D: Hand Tool Maintenance: Ozark Trail Association’s Mark Goforth will lead this course on how
to properly maintain your hand tools for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the field.
Topics include proper storage, sharpening, handling, maintenance and more.
3E: Trail Decommissioning: In the course participants will learn the best practices for restoring
old trailways to their natural condition. This is an especially important skill set to have when
poor segments of trail are re-routed and the old trail segment must be returned to nature.
5B/5D: US Forest Service ATV Certification: In certain areas, operating an All-Terrain Vehicle
(ATV) is the most efficient way to get trail work accomplished. The Mark Twain National Forest’s
Jeremiah Privett and Ron Moon will host two four-hour courses that will give participants a
certification to operate ATVs on non-motorized trails for administrative trail construction and
maintenance purposes. Below is the class schedule.