Dead Tree Removal Project

Baker Cemetery, Indian Creek Conservation Area

Care of the Baker Cemetery has been provided by the Indian Trails Chapter for many years, in conjunction with the St. Clair Saddle Club. The March 13, 2021 project was approved by the local Conservation Land Management. The objective was to remove the dead tree safely from within the cemetery fence. Our project manager was Gene Atterberry, owner/operator of the backhoe that was used. His crew was Don Patton, Bob Hinson, and Keith Straatmann. On March 15, Gene Atterberry and Arthur Banks took seed and straw to complete the project. Pictures were sent to the land manager to show the finished project.

Indian Creek Conservation Area is a wonderful place to day ride. About halfway around the trail, you will find this rest area at Baker Cemetery, highly used by trail riders.  Prior projects by the Indian Trails chapter have provided riders, and hikers, a very nice pavilion, park benches, and two hitching racks to tie horses while enjoying lunch.