Tornado Ridge Chapter

Trail Master   Jodi Hess-Schlup          417-850-9589         


We are the newest BCH Missouri chapter!

We are a very new chapter, having had our first gathering of interested folks in June of this year. Since then, we have had a meeting every month, with Sherry and Marsha Copeland coming to the first three to help get us established. Our monthly meetings have been spent getting to know each other as we talk about different riding areas and things we
can do.

To get started, we are exploring some of the projects we can take on in our immediate riding areas. We know of some trails that need our attention and are looking forward to cleaning these up.

A new Facebook page has been started for our chapter (Tornado Ridge Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Missouri) and we are spreading the word that way, as well as flyers, emails, and by mouth. We are hoping for a good size chapter within the year, so help us spread the word!