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Co-Trailmaster   Bill Brunner                417-679-2245  

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The Mountain Riders Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of Missouri has a very active schedule planned for the 2017 riding season. The Mountain Riders work in close association with the Douglas County Fox Trotters club. The Douglas County Fox Trotters host trail rides every Wednesday from March through the second week in November. The first ride of each month is designated a Back Country Horsemen clip and clean ride. See our schedule below or go onto the Douglas County Fox Trotter website ( The clip and clean rides start at 10AM at the trail head and usually end about 2:30PM. Participants need to bring a lunch. Rides in June, July, and August start at 9AM and end at noon.

We have a major clean-up and trail improvement workday scheduled at the Bar-K-Wrangler Ranch in the Mark Twain National Forest just south of Chadwick, Missouri. The workday is scheduled for Earth Day, April 22, 2017. The clean-up and trail marking will start at 10AM and end about 3PM participants need to bring a horse, trail lunch, and clippers.

The Mountain Riders have a joint meeting with the Douglas County Fox Trotters the first Thursday of each month. The meeting usually starts with a pot-luck dinner at 6PM and the meeting starts at 7PM. The meetings are held at the Ava Saddle Club. For more information visit the Douglas County web site or call Stephen Assenmacher (417) 796-2912.

Come and ride and work with us. Everyone is welcome.

Mt. Riders Work Schedule 2017

Date                 Time                                       Location

March 1          10AM         Corbitt Potter – Glade Top Trail, National Forest

April 22           10AM         Bar-K-Wrangler Ranch, National Forest, Chadwick

May 1              10AM         Bateman Area – Glade Top Trail, National Forest

May 31            10AM        Willie Lee – Glade Top Trail, National Forest

July 5                 9AM         Bateman Area – Glade Top Trail, National Forest

August 2           9AM         Bateman Area – Glade Top Trail, National Forest

October 4       10AM         Willie Lee – Glade Top Trail, National Forest

November 1  10AM         Devil’s Backbone – Eastern Douglas County, NF



Mt Rider-Tri Lakes at Bar-K


It wasn’t a war, but the Bar-K-Wrangler Camp in the Mark Twain National Forest, near Chadwick, Missouri, was indeed attacked – by two chapters of Back Country Horsemen of Missouri (BCHMO). The Mt. Riders Chapter from the Ava area and the Tri-Lakes Chapter from North of Springfield, met on Saturday, April 23, 2016, for a major clean-up of the Bar-K horse trails. This joint project had been in the planning for several months and it turned out to be a huge success.

Bar-K is a horseback riding area that is located southeast of Springfield, Missouri. With well over 50 miles of trails and numerous campsites, Bar-K is a very popular destination for trail riders. Because of the number of riders that use Bar-K there is a lot of pressure on the trails and unfortunately litter on the trails is a continuing problem.

Thirty riders took part in the clean-up. The riders were divided into five teams and each team was assigned specific trails to clip and clean. Two of the groups had certified sawyers and those groups were assigned trails that need major clearing. The combined groups clipped, cleaned and cleared over forty miles of trails. Several members of the Tri-Lakes Chapter camped out on Friday and cleaned the camp area and the road into camp before the clean-up ride even started.

The Bar-K clean-up was a great joint project for both the Mt. Riders and Tri-Lakes, and everyone that participated had a great time.