Indian Trails Chapter


Chapter Leader  Kathy LaRue  314-277-6942  

Assist. Leader  Allison Schottenhaml  314-650-1527

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Our main focus is maintaining and and improving  Little Indian Creek and Meramec Trail Systems.
Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at Rockin Horse Ranch, 1590 Girardier Ln. St.Clair, Missouri.


The following are our current and upcoming events:

July 19, 2017:   Improvements to hitching posts at Baker Cemetery located at the Indian Creek Conservation Area. Gene Atteberry and Art Banks donated the materials and labor to add more strength and stability to the hitching posts. The area is a frequent stopping point for riders.
September 30, 2017:  National Public Land Day.  Camping and ride at Brazil Creek on the Ozark and Berryman Trail.

The following are some of the activities our chapter has been involved in this spring and early summer.


May 5, 2017: We participated in Serendipity Day at St Clair Middle School.  Demonstrated and provided education material on Leave No Trace as well as the care and training your horse.

May 17,2017: Indian Creek Trail Clean up

May 27,2017: Meramec Trail Clean up

June 21,2017: Provided extra hands to help St. Clair Saddle Club host a fun filled evening for the kids attending Camp Quality.  After an evening meal, there was horse riding, carriage and buckboard rides and interaction with other animals.

June 28,2017: Completed our TMI project repairing a section of trail at Meramec Trail System. Damaged trail was graded and Geotex fabric layed down and then a layer of white rock.

Indian Creek

Camp Quality

TMI project repairing section of trail at Meramec Trail System

The Indian Trails Chapter participated in the backpack program for our local school.
Monies were donated by the members to this program.  This morning, January 21st, 13 members met at the Lutheran Church to provide man power to fill the bags with food items for 200 children.