Call for Nominations!

Thanks to those that have stepped up and accepted the nomination. Below is the ballot of candidates for the open positions.


Back Country Horsemen of Missouri will be coming together for the Annual Membership Meeting, to be held November 3, 2018 at Big Creek Trail Ride near Hartshorn, MO.

 The following positions will be open for election:


            Board Member Position #4 – Three (3) year term (2019-2021)        Paula Hull

            Board Member Position #5 – Three (3) year term (2019-2021)        Sherry Copeland

            President – One (1) year term (2019)                                                      Becki Krueger

            Vice President – One (1) year term (2019)                                             Darrel Vaughan

            Treasurer – One (1) year term (2019)                                                      Jane Doskal  

            Secretary – One (1) year term (2019)                                                      Sue Maynard

A call for nominations from the floor will made prior to the election.