The Brownfield Chapter was recognized by SMMBCH on July 27, 2011.  The main focus of the group is to improve the trail system at Cole Creek Trail (aka Brownfield) and work with the U.S. Forest Service so the area can remain open to the public to enjoy.

Anyone interested in trails, the BCHMO organization, or becoming a Chapter member are welcome to volunteer as we work with the U.S. Forest Service to maintain the trail system by cleaning up and clipping the trails, campground, and surrounding area. Do as little or as much work as you want OR simply bring your horse to ride the trails! Ride out with the group or by yourself.

All trail riders are welcome at Brownfield Chapter events – not just members! No pressure to become a member (although always welcome). Work as much or little as you want OR just ride to see what Cole Creek Trail has to offer. Maps of the trails will be available during events.

Cole Creek Trail has several miles of trails to offer, 25+ miles along with 5 miles of lightly traveled gravel road in either direction from the Cole Creek camp to the Gasconade River.  The trails offer several options to make your journey longer, shorter, or just different.

The map of Cole Creek Trails has been updated by the Forest Service and each trail is color coded to match the markers on the trail.

Click Here for the Cole Creek Trail Map

The Orange and Yellow trails were declared as designated by the US Forestry Service and marked with the appropriate colored diamonds. The Red and Blue trails were designated in 2014 and are now marked with the appropriate colored diamonds.  There are also a few unmarked trails which are not designated but can be traveled.

Yellow numbered markers (cattle ear tags) have been placed on trails exiting to the gravel road. Odd numbers are on the far side of the road from camp (numbered 1-15) and camp will be to the right when exiting on this side.  Even numbers are on the same the side of the road as camp (numbered 2-24) and camp will be to the left when exiting on this side.  The higher the number the farther you are from camp.

Use the map below to get driving directions to the Cole Creek Campground

GPS coordinates: 37.668926,-92.355305

Calendar of Events

*BCHMO is offering the New Member Initiative in 2019. A paid member can receive free membership for 2020 after recruiting 2 new memberships. The member’s name must be placed in the ‘Referring Member’ line on the membership application to receive credit.
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The Cole Creek Trail area and campground is being maintained and improved – thanks to the Brownfield Chapter members, other volunteers (to include other members of BCHMO and non-members), BCHMO support, and the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service (Mark Twain National Forest)!  All efforts and volunteer work is very much appreciated and working together is essential to maintain the area. The work accomplished improved the overall area and trails.

Improvements at Cole Creek for 2020:

  • Repaired the lid on the registration box which was not attached properly
  • Several large bags of trash and recyclable aluminum cans were removed along the two gravel roads at the Cole Creek area (Hwy K to the river in both directions)
  • The old dump on the Yellow Trail was cleaned up
  • After the prescribed burn by the forestry, the old dump on the Blue Trail became quite the eye sore and cleaned up after a few days of hard work
  • Trees and large branches removed from the Blue and Yellow Trails (numerous cedar trees were cut and laid across the trail)
  • More yellow diamonds were placed as needed on the Yellow Trail to include removing and replacing the old gray diamonds to stop any confusion due to the different colors on the same trail
  • A hill on the Yellow Trail was washed out and not cleared well – that portion of the trail was rerouted by clearing a zigzag pattern to avoid washing out, marked with yellow diamonds, and now safer for travel
  • More downed trees were removed from the Orange, Blue, and Red Trails.
  • A lot of trail work was accomplished on foot using loppers, a brush cutter, and a chainsaw
  • Replaced nails in the trail markers and place new markers as needed
  • Another washed out area on the Yellow Trail was rerouted to make the trail safer
  • The trails through the fields were brush hogged
  • Five ADA compliant fire rings were set at the Cole Creek Trailhead – donated and part of the TMI grant from BCHMO (more improvements are being worked)
  • Cole Creek Trailhead was mowed, trimmed, and weeds sprayed several times
  • Goats were contracted by the forestry to eat down the field areas which were then mowed by the forestry, this project was used to attempt to remove invasive species

Improvements to Cole Creek Trail in 2019:  
Main improvement was cleaning up the wrath of mother nature
– March straight line winds snapped and knocked down several trees – cleared down trees off the trails
– 23 May tornado, numerous down trees from Village road and trails by 7 June (damaged trees still falling)
– Brush cutter used to cut undergrowth on trails
– Trails cleared and trimmed for safe travel
– Field trails cut with tractor brush hog
– Campground mowed (8 times) / trimmed
– Registration box repaired and painted
– Trash removed from camping area, trails, and gravel roads
– 2 goat contract range permits (Aug-Sep/Oct-Nov)

Improvements in 2018:
– Completed approved reroute of the Orange Trail in January. The trail was getting deep from washout and use so a switchback was created.
– Trails trimmed and cleared of debris for safe travel.
– Campground mowed & trimmed several times along with weeds pulled/sprayed under picnic tables & bulletin board.
– Trash picked up at the trailhead, on the trails, and along the gravel roads.
– Eight loads of manure and hay were raked and piled in the bed of the side-by-side to remove from the trailhead.
– July through November, hooves on the ground helping to clear the fields & underbrush, Forest Service contracted to allow goats to graze certain areas of Cole Creek.
– The updated brochure for Cole Creek Trail was posted on the Mark Twain National Forest website which also includes a map of the four designated loops.
– The Forest Service mailed updated documents to the Brownfield Chapter for the Cole Creek Trailhead bulletin board. The old postings were removed and the new documents posted to include the updated trail map and the seven Leave No Trace principles.

Improvements in 2017:
The main work this year was cleaning up from all the storm damage this year.
* Several trees and other obstacles removed to make the trails safer
* Placed more diamonds on the designated trails for ease of navigating
* Placed 3 trails signs in the campground
* Posted more signs to include ‘No Dumping’
* Dumping of trash cleaned up along with trash along the trails and surrounding area
* Leave No Trace postcard posted in the register box
* Updated trail map of Cole Creek provided by the Mark Twain National Forest (MTNF) placed in the register box
* Numerous hours spent clearing/trimming the trails by foot and horseback
* Several trips with the tractor or lawn mower to cut the campground grass
* Trimmed the campground with a weed eater & used weed killer as needed

Improvements in 2016:
A lot of work and improvements were accomplished in 2016 during the work days and throughout the year to make Cole Creek Trail better:
* Trash cleaned up along the trails and surrounding area
* Trees and other obstacles removed to make the trails safer
* Replaced diamonds marking the Yellow Trail that were removed
* Posted new signs to include ‘No Dumping’ and ‘Pack It In Pack It Out’
* Replaced the roof on the bulletin board
* Placed a mounting block in the campground
* Installed a trail register box close to the bulletin board and mounting block
* Updated brochures of Cole Creek Trail provided by the Mark Twain National Forest (MTNF) were placed in the register box
* Numerous hours spent clearing/trimming the trails by foot and horseback
* Several trips with the tractor or lawn mower to cut the campground grass
* Trimmed the campground with a weed eater & used weed killer as needed
* The Brownfield Chapter also joined the South Central at the Paddy Creek Wilderness Area in May – wooden trail signs were posted on the loops while clearing the trails

Your Chapter Leaders

Trailmaster: Robin Vaughan
Phone: 573-765-9936