About Us


Missouri Back Country Horsemen of Missouri (BCHMO) is part of the Back Country Horsemen of America.  As such, BCHMO coordinates activities throughout Missouri to keep Missouri’s public trails open to horsemen.  BCHMO is organized in accordance with our by-laws as well as our policies and procedures.

Back Country Horsemen of Missouri is a Missouri Not-for-Profit Corporation and a 501(c)3 Public Charity Organization.  Donations to BCHMO are tax deductible.

Purposes of Back Country Horsemen of Missouri

  • Perpetuating common sense use and enjoyment of Missouri’s back country and wilderness areas.
  • Ensuring Missouri’s public lands remain  open for recreational stock use.
  • Assisting Missouri and Federal government agencies in maintaining public equestrian and multi-use trails.
  • Educating government officials and the general public on equestrian use of public trails.


Equestrian access to public lands is being challenged nation-wide by increased competition for trail use, reduced budgets for trail maintenance at all levels of government and misconceptions about the impact horses have on trails.  The equestrian community needs to earn a ‘seat at the table’ where ever decisions are being made about equestrian access to public trails or face the likelihood of further reductions in trails open to horseback riders.

Backcountry Horsemen of Missouri, as part of Backcountry Horsemen of America, is working to earn a ‘seat at the table’ and promote the interests of all horsemen who enjoy using our public lands.  Please join us! Together, we will make a difference!


Expansion History of Back Country Horsemen of America

Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) has come a long way since its start in Montana in 1973. Growth of the organization has been steady and continues with the addition in 2016 of two more states, Iowa and North Dakota, bringing the total to 32.

If you would like to know more about the past, present and future of BCHA: https://www.bcha.org/about/40-years-strong-and-growing/

Also, here is a consolidated history of BCHA expansion.


Education of our Youth

One of the cornerstones of Back Country Horsemen of Missouri (BCHMO) is educating riders and non-riders to use and promote basic trail courtesy and ethics; follow the Leave No Trace Principles and utilize best methods in trail building and maintenance.  And what better building blocks to achieve this goal than the youth of today.

Each year, several BCHMO chapters volunteer their time, knowledge and resources, not on the trail, but with the organization of a Youth Day Event in their area.  Youth events bring seasoned trail riders together with youngsters, some who have never ridden a horse, for a fun day of learning.

BCHMO understands that the youth of today will become the future stewards of our public lands, and hopefully carry on the mission of keeping trails open to all recreational stock use.  Membership in BCHMO provides for Youth Day Events and other activities that support our mission.  If you would like to join in this effort, please click here.